Friday, 7 December 2012

Venom Teakers/Venom Thug Life Six Fours

Venom Tweakers
 Venom Thug Life Six Fours
Review By Rider Jack Taylor from Colorado


What disipline are these wheels meant for? 

Pros about the wheel?

Best slide I've ever had, and I've ridden tons of wheels. I prefer the slide over butterballs, 74.5 These wheels, Nersh Candies, and all downhill wheels. Buttery as hell and such a smooth slide.

 Cons about the wheel?

I've had them chunk on my friends board, but I've never had the problem. Other than that, literally nothing. These are money.
Favourite thing?

The slide, it's orgasmic.

How much were they and where did you get them?

 $35 dollars and I got them at a local skate shop.

How long do they last?

Not as long as these wheels or anything, but not generally short. In a really hot day, I've scrubbed off 8-10mm in a single session (3-4 Hours).

How are they for sliding/freeride?

The best. Don't get anything else.

How are they for downhill?

I wouldn't recommend it, unless your balls are the size of planets.

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