Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Earthwing Supermodel (40" 8 ply Drop)

Earthwing Supermodel 40" 8 ply dropped version
By Jack Taylor from Colorado
What are some pros about the Earthwing Supermodel?

 The Earthwing is very stable, and can run low trucks with no chance of wheelbite, even on 76mm wheels. It has comfy concave, great for commuting.

 Isn't as great at sliding as other boards are. Can crack easily.
 Favourite thing about this deck?

 The fact that it's drop-through. Good addition to my quiver.
 Describe the concave/camber/etc of the Supermodel.

 Basic concave, just a simple "bowl". No W. Makes it very comfortable.
 How is the durability?

 It has several cracks on the ends, and on the sides, however I believe they are from a 60mph encounter with a curb.
Approx wheelbase/effective foot platform?

 Good sized foot platform, great variability for all sized riders. The wheelbase is 30".
Approx how big wheels can you run?

 The biggest I ran were 76mm, and there was a TON of room left.
How is the board for freeride/slide?

 Decent. The fact that it is drop-through and longer means that it wont be as great as other boards, but it has pretty sharp edges, so it's good for digging your heels into.
How is the board for downhill?

 Good, i've taken it to 55 mph, and it's very stable. I was running indy 215 trucks as well, which are notoriously twitchy at high-speeds.
How is the board for freestyle?

 Decent, it has small areas (I'd say 1.5-2" long) on the tails for popping the board up. You can easily do tiger claws, etc.
How heavy is the Supermodel?

 Deck alone, it is generally lighter than other boards with 8plys of maple. Possibly due to the fact that it's drop through and has grab-rails.

 Where did you get it and how much?

 Muirskate and for $100 dollars. Well worth the money!


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  3. This one will be perfect longbard for the Beginner riders. Because this one comes with a Drop-through shape.
    When i was a newbie riders i also use a Drop-through longboard for better starting experience.