Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Comet Shred 38 Deck Review

The comet shred city 38 is the biggest of the comet's shred series and is one awesome hybrid. This board is long enough that you can put both your feet on the trucks and can still pop a kickflip. It is more of a freeriding hybrid board rather than techsliding because of its size. Smaller freeride wheels are better on this board so you don't get wheelbite. Around 65mm wheels would be ideal. The bad thing about this deck is that it does not come with wheel wells. This would have prevented some wheelbite and let you run bigger wheels. I would say that this is a big mistake by comet. However, I sanded in my own wheel wells and it worked fine. The concave of this board is not much but enough to be comfy. I would recommend some rougher griptape like gator or vicious or even lower grit sandpaper to prevent foot slip. The tails do rise up which creates little pockets which somewhat lock in your feet. Light downhill is fine on this board if you know what you are doing. The small wheelbase makes downhill a bit squirrelly but you can still go fast. I wouldn't reccommend racing though haha. Overall, I would say the comet shred 38 is a really fun shredder which you can do anything on.

Length: 38''
Width: 9.5''
Wheelbase: 20.5"
Concave: .5''

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