Thursday, 6 September 2012

Kebbek John Barnet Board Review

I recently interviewed my buddy Jimmy about his John Barnet board. He has been riding it for a while and has just been shredding everything. Here is what he had to say about the board!

1. Set up?
Paris 180's, stock bushings, bones reds, otang 4prez 83a

2. How is it for freeride/downhill? (Sliding)
Great for freeride. It has micro drops that act as very comfortable pockets to whip around slides. Also, the edge of the pockets kinda act as gas pedals, making it easier to hold out big standies. I haven't really done any dh, but tuck wise, I can fit my back foot right into the back pocket corner which feels really confortable

3. How is the board and kicks for freestyle?
The board's kicks are great. It is big enough to do shuvits, bigspins, manuals, no complys, and whatever you fancy. The board itself is a little heavy but you get used to it very fast once you skate it for a bit. The kicks have a sharp upturn at the end which is good for locking in manuals but a bit weird to get use to

4. Tell us abut the concave/drops, etc.
The micro drop is super comfortable. It locks in both of your feet so well. The board has medium concave and a slight w concave in the middle. I'm rocking vicious griptape which just locks me in even more

5. Favourite thing about the board?
My favourite thing about this board is that it is overall a great all around board. I can have a freeride sesh and freestyle sesh in the same day without switching boards or tweaking my set up too much

There it is! A quick but detailed review of the John Barnet Longboard! I have seen Jimmy ride this board a lot and he busts out shuvits while freeriding down hills. This board is definitely recommended!
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