Sunday, 30 September 2012

DB Stalker Longboard Review

The DB Stalker is a very nice topmount. It is basic topmount shape with variable wheelbases, wheel wells, an Arch Bar W, and a mini tail. The Arch Bar W is a pretty new and great feature of this topmount. It is similar to the Avenger's pleasure dome in which it acts as a W concave so you always know where your feet are and so you don't have to hang much for slides. This W is very small and only at the back so it won't give you cramps while pushing. The only little problem with this is that people have different stances and this W position may not be comfortable or ideal for you personally. Your best bet is to stand on one before you buy it. However, the DB Stalker is also pretty cheap compared to some other boards. Another great feature about the Stalker is the mini kicktail. It is small enough to keep the Stalker at 38" but also functional enough to do tailslides and kickflips. My friend has even varial flipped it. I don't believe anyone has 360 flipped it yet but I'm sure you could! Overall, I would definitely reccommend the DB Stalker. It is an alternative to boards like the Sector 9 Daisy and Nelson Stingray.

Did I miss anything? Post below!

Length: 38"
Width: 10"
Concave: 5/8 Continuous
Rear Concave: "Arch Bar W Concave"
Wheel Base: Variable 26.5"-28"
Construction: 9 Ply Maple
Wheel Wells: Front & Back

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