Monday, 3 September 2012

Longboard Larry Double Kick Penguin Board Review

The double kick penguin from longboard larry is an amazing board. This handmade board is made to perfection and is pressed with maple, bamboo, and a layer or fiberglass, keeping it strong. It features huge kicks, perfect for any trick, and a nice concave with drops, keeping you locked in during slides. The standing platform is somewhat small, but is very easy to get used to because of the pockets. Also, this deck is very light compared to other boards that are the same length. It is definitely worth the expensive price. Since it also has a good sized wheelbase and very little flex if any, you could even set it up for some light downhill!

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***DK Penguin info from LongboardLarry

The DK Penguin locks your feet in pockets like the Penguin but has a 2" shorter platform and some awesome kicks. Still has 5/8" drop into the bath tub concaved pockets that lock your feet in then back up 1/8" to a radial concave down the middle of the deck. If the pockets were not enough we added kicks to take your freeriding to the next level.
We press this deck with a layer of fiberglass, bamboo and maple.

Static Flex
Rock Solid - No Flex
Bamboo, Birch, Fiberglass, Maple

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