Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Landyachtz Loco 33 Deck review

The Landyachtz Loco 33 is the smallest in the loco series. This board is similar to a 8.5" street skateboard but it contains 9 plies instead of the regular 7 plies of a street skate. This makes the loco stronger. This also makes the board more expensive. I love this board for techsliding because it is the perfect length and width. The shape of the tails also give it lots of good pop. The concave is a little more than your regular popsicle deck which helps to lock in your feet. Hard wheels make this board an amazing techslider while softer wheels make this board a sick cruiser and freerider. You can even put some smaller trucks and wheels on the board to skate the bowls, park, and the streets. I will guarantee you will have tons of fun with this board. If you have any questions post below and you will be answered within 24 hours!


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