Saturday, 17 November 2012

Five Mile F-18 Hornet

Five Mile F-18 Hornet Longboard Rider Review
by Brandon Waller


Amazing concave and rocker pockets!

Brandon in a tuck on his F-18 Hornet

What is your set up/ideal set up?
Buzzed v1 with volante checkers.

How is the concave?
AMAZING. The rocker pockets are fantastic.

How is it for freeride/sliding?
The wheelbase, at 29"-30" is a great size for fast freeriding, but not for putsing.

How is it for downhill?
Really comfy in a tuck and predrifts.

Favourite thing about the board?
The rocker pockets!

Any problems?
Small chip in the nose, but overall build quality is solid.

Would you recommend this board?
Yes! Mostly for more experienced riders.

To five mile for making rad decks!


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