Monday, 5 November 2012

Rayne Supreme

Rayne Supreme Longboard Review
Freeride/Slide: 9.5/10
Downhill: 9/10
Freestyle: 8.5/10

The Rayne Supreme is amazing for freeriding because it is symmetrical and has very complex concave. Let's look at the concave in more detail.
Concave: The Supreme's 3 stage rocker feels amazing. It locks your feet and legs in naturally to ensure no slipping while sliding. There are also 5/8" radial drops which creates a really nice pocket. The sharp edges and concave finish everything off. There are even tiny gas pedals to help with those toesides.
The wheelbase of the Supreme is long enough for some serious downhill. Choose between 30" or 31". Cruising and carving is a little less responsive with the longer wheelbase but dancing is really fun.
The kicks are functional and really good size. A little small for tail slides and blunt slides but it can happen. Also, the whole board is big but not too heavy which is good for freetsyle.
You can run up to 72mm wheels without risers and not get wheelbite depending on your weight.
The Rayne Supreme is definitely a sick board. If you have any questions, post below!

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