Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nevada Decks - Sand Shark

Nevada Decks Sand Shark Longboard Review
By Taylor Danielewski from Needham, Ma
Nevada Decks - Sand Shark

Tell us a little about Nevada Decks.

 Nevada decks is a small company that strives to change the average longboard and produce decks that are totally new and original!

Describe the concave.

 This deck has just the right amount of concave to make you feel totally locked in and still feel comfortable to stand on! You can't go wrong with 5/8''!

Favourite thing about the Sand Shark?

 My favorite thing about the Sand Shark has to be the raised wheel wells. They act as a nice footstop and help you find exactly where you are on your deck without having to look down. These wheel wells also give you a lot more clearance so you can run bigger wheels and not have to worry about wheelbite. Not to mention they look pretty darn snazzy!

Any problems?

 Nothing really, the deck itself is a tad bit heavy but that is definitely made up with the strength and durability of the deck.

How is the quality?

 Awesome! This deck can really hold its own. It's really strong and can take quite the beating without even having to worry about delams or cracks!

Anything else you want to tell us about the deck?

 The deck only costs 120 bucks! A great price for a great deck. Check it out!


 Shoutout to Tim Schaefer, he is the owner of Nevada Decks and makes them all!

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  1. Versatile design of the board. Guys have you made this board at home? i just interested to know about the style and performance which allow this board.The shape can be good stable I think and so this one is for Beginners riders.