Saturday, 3 November 2012

Honey Chameleon

Honey Chameleon Longboard Review
Freeride/Slide: 9/10
Downhill: 7/10
Cruise/Carve: 8.5/10

The Honey Chameleon is one of the highest quality double-kicked freeride boards. It has 7 thick plies which make it about as stiff as a regular 9 ply board. There is minimal flex which make it great for freeride and downhill. The kicks are super functional too.
Concave: The concave on the Honey Chameleon is very deep. There is more than enough cave to lock your feet in during big slides. It is also comfortable for commuting long distances.
The Chameleon features about a 26" wheelbase. Most people wouldn't consider it a designated downhill board but you can still take it up to very high speeds. This smaller wheelbase also lets the board mover quickly and freely. Shuv-its come naturally too, especially with the big, circular kicks. The tails also work for blunt slides and tail slides.
You can rock 70mm wheels loosely without risers and not get wheelbite because of the nice wheel wells. You may start to need risers if you go over 75mm.
I would definitely recommend this board to people who want a board that can freeride, freestyle, and light DH. It is definitely a board with more concave. The high quality and craftsmanship is definitely worth the price. Shoutouts to the dudes at Honey!
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  1. how much pop does this board have?

  2. One of the board especially made for cruising. Teenager will feel so comfort on this Longboard and it can give great speed in a very few minutes.