Monday, 12 November 2012

Incline Mullet v2 (Rider Review)

Incline Mullet v2 Longboard Review
By Brandon Waller from Birmingham, Alabama
Brandon's Set Up

*Gunmetal V2 Mac 10 46*
-90a Riptide APS Chubby boardside
-88a Blood Orange barrel roadside
-1” flat Amish Precision Washers all around
-Tall kingpin nuts
*72mm Venom Cannibals 80a
-No urethane loss
*Riot Boardsports 95a RiotThane pivot cups
*Zealous Bearings
*Vicious Griptape
*1/4" hard riser

How is the Incline Mullet for sliding/freeride?

The deck truly excels in sliding and freeriding. The symmetrical standing platform lends itself to comfort on top of the deck when switching directions. Despite the overall directional shape, I have no problem riding switch and doing frontside or backside slides in either stance. Additionally, while the deck is 10” wide, the concave only runs 9.5” of the overall width (.25” of gas pedal on both sides). This gives the rider plenty of leverage on the toeside and heelside rails without requiring them to move their feet around. From this comes faster combos and better freeriding.

The Mullet has proven itself in both of the two slide jams I have taken it to.
- 1st Place Tie at Skateday Bloody Skateday III presented by Confederate Skateboard Army
- 1st Place at Race for Research Slide Jam presented by the South Alabama Longboard Team

How is it for downhill?
I love the deck for downhill. I feel very secure and comfortable in a tuck. Between both the 24.5” and 27” wheelbase, the rider has plenty of options for a variety of situations and courses. Either way, he or she will enjoy the spacious amount of effective foot platform. The gas pedal rails make pre drifting a breeze. The fact that the beveled rails run the entire length of the deck means the rider is unrestricted in where their feet can go when using the gas pedals.

Describe the concave of the Mullet.

This deck features Incline's signature concave. There is a moderately sized flat section in the middle of the deck which rises to a height of 1/2" as it approaches the edges of the board. There is also a slight amount of rocker throughout the length of the deck measuring in at 1/4". Whereas this isn't the most prevalent feature underfoot, it is there. A slight upturn in the nose of the board and an additional upturn angle in the length of the tail are evidence of the rocker.

This concave design is smart for a couple of reasons; the first being that it provides the rider with excellent boardfeel without making his/her feel cramped or constricted.

I've found that I get just the amount of locked-in feeling I need, but not so much that I feel trapped in place. I have no problems keeping myself grounded to the deck while riding downhill in a tuck or while freeriding. Whether I'm going for fast held out slides or doing a lot of spins and changing direction, I always know where my feet are and have confidence that they'll stay there. That feeling is coupled with knowing I can move my feet to any position I need to without sacrificing comfort or leverage.

How is the durability?

The deck is incredibly durable. It has held up incredibly well to curbing, highsiding, and being flipped over while using the tail. After almost 6 months of intense riding and competition, the only damage to the deck is lost paint, a few scrapes, and slight wear from dragging the tail during manuals. There is no sign of delamination.

What is your favourite thing about the deck?

I would have to say my favorite thing about the deck is the big, long, wide kicktail. It greatly increases the versatility of the deck and opens up a whole new world of possibilities when riding.

It’s hard to isolate a single feature as my favorite, though. I’d actually submit that my favorite thing about the deck is how it ties together each of its features into a handsome and functional board.

Any problems?

None at all.

How is the kicktail for tailslides and freestyle?

The kicktail is perfect for all around use. It is much more functional than the smaller, skinny upturns one would find on many of today’s kicktailed freeriding decks. While it is not completely angled like a traditional kicktail, the upturn at the end in combination with its length give the rider just as much leverage. I’ve found the tail works great for backside and frontside bluntslide 180’s and checks. It also does well in pulling off freestyle moves like manuals, shovits, no complies, ollies, and kickflips.


A shoutout to Incline Longboards for making awesome decks. I hope the company continues to grow and find success.
Thanks so much for sending this review in Brandon! He is sponsored by Incline but his opinions are not biased. The Mullet is truly a sick board! Have any questions? Post them below. Also feel free to contact us for some questions of your own. Thanks!


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