Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nelson Tempest (Rider Review)

Nelson Tempest Longboard Review
By Tre Garrett from University Place, Washington
Freeride/Slide 9.5/10
Downhill 7.5/10
Freestyle 10/10

Describe the concave.

The concave is amazing. I'm coming from a Clutch Doubletap (another amazing board) and the way the concave felt to me was sort of uncomfortable, I didn't like that the concave stopped before the drop. The tempest has concave that continues all the way through the drop, making the perfect pockets, and it gives you so many options on comfortable foot placement. The board also has an extremely minor W concave, when pushing you literally cannot feel the W at all, but then, the second you push out for a slide, its there. I'm still working on toesides and this has improved my confidence a bunch, I have tried moving my foot over the W during a toeside and it doesn't, the W just locks it there. Overall the concave on this board is incredible, and I commend the men over at Nelson for it.

How are the kicks?

The kicks are another awesome feature. I've ridden a Kebbek John Barnet and the kicks did not work at all, they were basically pointless, because they were too vertical. It was like a wall for your foot. These kicks however are amazing, they casually build into the kick, making for a perfect feel under my feet. I mainly got the kicks for popping off curbs and manuals, they are perfect for both. I can easily dodge people and animals my just hopping off a curb really quick, with out scraping everything up and eating cement. My manuals have also practically tripled in length, it is so easy to just hold the board up while riding.

Favourite thing about the board?

My favorite thing about this board would have to be the size. It's a bit shorter than some of the drop boards on the market and it fits my stance perfectly. On my doubletap I felt as if I was in a battle stance every time I would go to slide. With the Nelson Tempest, my feet are in the pockets, and every slide is amazing.

Any problems with the board?

Coming with the size is the shorter wheelbase, although it is better for just whipping the board around and being nimble, it is not so great for going fast. The Tempest would not be a go to downhill board, although that's not what its made for, so it is not a big deal

Anything else you want to tell us about the Nelson Tempest?

The design is awesome if that matters to anyone. Basically, if you are in the market for a drop deck, or a deck with tails, buy this board. Don't consider any other board, Go. Now


Shoutout to Nelson longboards, and Ansell for buying my Dtap so I could buy this board.


  1. Bunches up my toes too much... ok for a girls foot

  2. this type of concave board is really awesome. I know they are good for Free ride and cruising. I use Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard for my downhill adventure. Thanks for sharing this versatile board with us.