Monday, 22 October 2012

Bombsquad Pocket Ace Review

Bombsquad Pocket Ace Review
8 ply maple
gloss formica top & bottom

Length: 37"
Width: 10"
Wheelbases: 28" - 29"
Freeride/Sliding: 9.5/10
Downhill: 9.5/10
Cruise/Carve: 6/10
Freestyle: N/A
If you like fast downhill/freeride and enjoy topmounts, the Bombsquad Pocket Ace is the board for you. Everything you could ever need in a topmount was combined and out shot this board. Hope you enjoy this review. I'm sure you would enjoy the Pocket Ace.

Freeride/Sliding: The Bombsquad Pocket Ace is asymmetrical but it feels pretty close to being symmetrical. There is no taper like most topmounts. In fact, it is a little wider in the back. You can notice it a tiny bit when you are in switch which some people actually prefer but you can't feel much of a difference honestly. The nice wheelwells also allow for most sized freeride wheels and a looser truck/bushing combo.

Concave: The actual concave on this board is a little mellow. However, the amazing W in the middle really helps to lock your feet in, especially during toeside slides. Also, there is no drop on this board. Instead, there are little 3D wheelwells which act as very comfy pockets. Your feet will not slip out and you will have more control over your board. I also love how the W concave is not super sharp so your feet don't cramp up while pushing. After a while it does start to tire though. Oh, almost forgot about the gas pedals. These are small which I like because most people only use them for toesides and giant gas pedals just lessen the concave. They are positioned good but everyone has a difference stance so they may not be in the ideal spot for you personally.

Downhill: You can go very fast on the Bomsquad Pocket Ace. It features two nice wheelbase options. Choose the right one for you. Your feet will stay on the board thanks to the pockets and W, even on rougher pavement. The Pocket Ace also has a formica top and bottom which keeps it light but very stiff and stable. This is a prime downhill board, especially if you like topmounts.

Cruising/Carving: Honestly, this board is not a very good cruiser for obvious reasons. It was not built to cruise and carve. The concave and flex isn't right for it. If you want a cruising board recommended, check out our Facebook page and post there. Vital Media Co: Longboard Reviews: FACEBOOK

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