Friday, 12 October 2012

Churchill Apple Deck Review

41.75″x9.87″x31.5″ wheelbase made from 9ply USA Grown and Harvested Hardrock Maple with a 5/8″ Elliptical Hybrid Concave. The all new APPLE features a Top Mount Twin Double Kick and has an even more functional design.

The Churchill Apple deck is really nice. It is similar to many boards including the Original Freeride and Comet FSM. The concave is sharp but is a little mellower than most boards. However, the concave is very comfy and really locks you in while doing big standies and bombing hills. Since this board is 9 plies instead of 10 plies like a lot of DH style boards, it is much lighter and better for freestyle tricks. You can do kickflips, bigspins, and long manuals with ease. If you are a heavy rider, you might want to watch out a little because the area where you mount your trucks can be a little flimsy and may snap on you if you early grab big drops or something along those lines. This board is definitely worth it for the cheap price. Even shipping to Canada costs much less than a big brand deck. Churchill is  great company!

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