Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kebbek 2013 board previews

Kebbek 2013 Sneak Peak!

Kebbek has given everyone a little sneak peak of their new 2013 lineup. The graphics are looking sick! Check it out.
The board at the top of this page is the refreshed Smoothcut 37. Looking pretty sexy!

This next board is the Kebbek Blacktop. Looks like a new batter in the 2013 Kebbek lineup. Seems like it has a mighty fine drop. Can't wait to hear more about this deck.

Also new to the Kebbek 2013 lineup is the Kebbek Snaker. Looks like a Rockin' Rookie alternative. Might even be a Rayne Vandal alternative. It seems to feature many adjustable wheelbases which would be nice. EDIT: Thanks to our fans who told us this is a new slalom board. It can also be set up as a sick park ripper. (Thanks Alex L)
Last but not least we have a new graphic on the 2013 Kebbek Kootenay. A very clean and simple graphic. I just love it!
We can't wait to review these boards in the future!


  1. The blacktop is pretty much the same as the existing Niko afaik.
    The snaker is replacing the PGS as the slalom deck in the kebbek lineup, but thanks to the extra mounting option in the back it can be setup as a park capable ripper w/ease.

  2. the blacktop is the answer to groms chopping the ben D board is what I have heard. the kootenay looks rad to me though. I wanna put some 44 cals and freerides on that thang.