Monday, 8 October 2012

Soda Factory Clutch Lampchop Deck Review

Every Clutch board is unique and handmade personally. The simple, amazing designs and quality are what makes these boards great. The Clutch Lampchop is a particularly great board. It features nice concave with a generous drop. This locks you in while going fast and also when your are busting out huge slides. This board is good for everything. If you want to win races and win slide jams all in one board, the Clutch Lambchop is for you.

Flat to radial concave - 0.5"
Drop - 0.6"

Specs: Length: 38.75"
Width: 10”
Standing Platform: 24”
Wheel Base: 31.00”, 31.50”, 31.75”
Construction: 9-Plys of Canadian Hard Rock Maple

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