Sunday, 21 October 2012

Churchill Kray Deck Review

Churchill Kray Deck Review
38″ x 9.5″ x 26″ wb 9ply USA Grown
Cut Hardrock Maple with a Double Kick
5/8″ Elliptical Hybrid Concave and Drop Through.
Freeride/Slide: 9.5/10
Downhill: 8/10
Cruise/Carve: 8/10
Freestyle: 8.5/10

Alright, today we have a Churchill Kray longboard deck review for you guys. Like we mentioned in the Churchill Apple longboard review, these decks are so worth it for the price. Don't even think about it, just do it! I'm sure you will love these Churchill boards no matter what!
Freeriding/Sliding: This board shape is similar to the Original Freeride/Beast, Comet FSM, Jet Doppler, Honey Chameleon, etc. This is a standard freeride shape. It is symmetrical so you can ride it well either way. The concave is mellow and comfy. It will definitely lock you in during big slides. We did not give it the full 10 because although it is amazing, it could still be upgraded by maybe adding drops or gas pedals.
Downhill: This board is not meant for downhill but you could still go pretty fast on it. Dropthrough it for a stable/drifty run or topmount it for more controlled/turny runs. The wheelbase is a little small for a downhill board which could make it a little twitchy. The 9 ply USA maple keeps the deck stiff and stable which is a plus.
Cruising/Carving: The Churchill Kray is definitely a comfy cruiser. The concave is not super sharp so your foot doesn't cramp up during long runs. It is also quite low to the ground which makes pushing easier. The somewhat short wheelbase makes it good for carving and pumping.
Freestyle: The double kicks on the Kray are very functional. They are a good size for freestyle tricks. You can even do some tailslides on them. They have such a nice "scoop" to them. You have to try it to know it.
There is a basic review of the Churchill Kray. Post below if you have any questions and they will be answered quickly. Have fun shredding!

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