Saturday, 20 October 2012

Comet Grease Hammer (Rider Review)

Today we have a Comet Grease Hammer review by a fellow rider. If you want to submit a board review, send us an email and we will send you some questions to start!

Comet Grease Hammer Longboard Review - Submitted by Charles L

What is your current set up?
Grease Hammer, 50 degree Randal 180's, cult classics

Describe the concave.
I really like the grease hammer's concave because it feels really good on your feet and it also locks your foot in so you won't slip

How is it for freeride/downhill?
Very good because I have small feet so it is the perfect size. It slides really easily and is easy to control. The taper in the back is also very nice because I don't have to hang my foot much during runs and I cam switch easily between heelsides and toesides. For downhill the grease hammer is a little sketchy going fast because of it's smaller wheelbase but you can still have lots of fun on it.

What is your favourite thing about the Grease Hammer?
I am a smaller rider and I have small feet so the grease hammer is perfect. If you have larger feet, the Comet Grease Shark would be perfect for you.

Any bad things about the board?
My only concern I have is that I kind of wish the V shaped tail was just square. That way if you wanted you could use the area as a tail or even drill it and make the wheelbase a little longer for downhill.

Anything else about the deck you want to add?
I love this board and would definitely recommend it to people looking for a good freeride/downhill topmount board. It is really comfy for beginners but also can be put to the test by advanced riders. The price is also very great for the quality. Buy the comet grease hammer and go skate!


  1. What size shoe do you wear? I'm looking at new decks but I've strictly ridden 9.5 decks my whole life (now at a babykiller) with a size 8 to 8.5 shoe

    1. The rider who reviewed this board was a size 6 (grom) and he says that sometimes he has to move his feet from heelside to toeside. With a size 8 the board should fit perfectly under your feet so you don't have to shift around much