Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nelson Stingray Longboard Review

Nelson Stingray Longboard Review
Freeride/Slide: 9/10
Downhill: 7.5/10
Freestyle: 8/10

The Nelson Stingray is a great freeriding topmount. It has many wonderful features which allow it to do awesome things. Here is a bit about some of those features:
Concave: The 3D wheel wells keep your feet locked in. It works with the amazing concave to create nice little pockets so your feet don't slide off during huge standies. There is a nice mellow W in the back which helps a lot for anything toeside and is mellow enough so that pushing long distances is fine.
Adjustable Wheelbases: You can go anywhere from a 24" wheelbase to a 28" wheelbase on the Nelson Stingray. This is great because you can adjust the wheelbase depending on what you are shredding. Putting the front wheelbase at the innermost option gives you a nice little nose which I really enjoy.
Kicktail: The kicktail on the Nelson Stingray KT is very comfy. It has great pop for freestyle tricks and is big so you have lots of room for tail slides.
The Stingray is 8 ply which makes it not too heavy for popping tricks but it is stable enough to do some downhill runs. Skating bowls is a nice experience on this board too. It can pretty much do everything!
*Do you have a Nelson Stingray? If so, post your set up below!


  1. are you kidding me, you are giving this board an 8 out of 10 for freestyle, and a 7.5 for downhill?!?! the thing is a freaking 3d concaved stiff topmount speedboard, not a dancing board with double kicks. Im not sure you know what freestyle skating is....

    1. You do not need a double kicked board to do freestyle. We gave the Stingray an 8/10 for freestyle because we got people skating pools, doing sick grinds, and kickflipping stairs on it. It received a 7.5/10 for downhill because it has a small wheelbase and is 8 plies but if that is what you're into then go for it! The ratings are very basic and general. Thanks.

    2. Smaller wheelbase topmounts are largely a standard in the racing world currently. This is primarily designed as a downhill racing board as well as high-speed sliding. Wasd is a little harsh in his critique, but I have to agree with him in all of his points. I think you would benefit from additional research into the subject.

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