Saturday, 27 October 2012

Comet Takeover (Rider Review)

Comet Takeover Rider Review
First of all I just want to say this board is sick! It is a great freeride shape with less taper so it seems more symmetrical. Here we have a rider review from Henry.

Freeride/Slide - 9/10 (what this deck is for)
Downhill - 7/10 (it's not the best choice but it's viable)
Cruise/Carve - 4/10 (there are far better cruising boards, carving I guess is fine)
Freestyle - 4/10 (get a board with kicks if thats what you want to do)

1. How is the board for freeride/sliding?

That's primarliy what I got it for. If you like a mellower concave than this board is great. The front biased rocker is pretty nice, and the flushmount gets rid of awkward wedging. The wheelbase is nimble but not sketchy (important considering this is a board you won't redrill). One thing I like is the minimal amount of taper, especially cause I have pretty big feet. Also the Takeover leaves plenty of room for homemade 3D cave.

2. How is the board for downhill?

It's fine. It's not a dedicated downhill board so it doesn't feel as good in a tuck as some more speed-oriented boards I've ridden, but it works.

3. How functional is the tail (if you want to call it that) for freestyle and tailslides?

It's enough for shuvs and manuals, not the best for ollies or blunt slides. Some people can blunt it pretty good but I don't feel it. If you're more into that type of thing the Daisy is probably a better choice.

4. Describe the concave.

Mellow. It's a great canvas for 3D if you don't like mellow cave. Personally, I like mellow, so whatever. The rocker in the front of the deck feels nice for sliding, not so much for tucking. It forces my foot to more of a parallel angle to the board then I'd like.

5. What is your favourite feature of the deck?

The mellower concave and huge EFP. Lots of taper sucks.

6. Any problems or dislikes about the board?

The Flushmounting is cool in that it gets rid of natural wedging, but it does sorta suck that redrilling becomes inviable, but the 27" wheelbase is perfectly fine. My biggest beef with the deck is the wheelwells are designed around Calibers, so bite can be kind of an issue with other trucks. So if you aren't rollin' on Calibers cut your own wells or run smaller wheels/more riser.
7. Anything else you want to tell us?

Run a footstop. Yeah.

8. Shoutouts?

Redlands California, the land of the homies

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