Monday, 15 October 2012

Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Review

Landyachtz Ripple Ridge

This is a greatly designed board by Phillip Lemire and Landyachtz. Read more to find out about this little hybrid.

The Landyachtz Ripple Ridge is a very comfy board. It features a good amount of concave and rocker for a mini. It also has rippled edges which make cruising and carving very fun and comfortable. It is the perfect sized board to get you to school or the grocery store quickly and is also very light for it's size. The kicktail is a nice size and also has very good pop. You can pop kickflips and tre flips quite easily. The tail is also great for nice little blunt slides. Slap on some smaller sized freeride wheels and have a blast freeriding big hills. You can skate a variety of different terrain with the Landyachtz Ripple Ridge. I would definitely recommend this board. Get it and have tons of fun!

DIMENSIONS: 32" x 10"

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